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Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome to Iceland

So far very beautiful country and getting to see old friends is nice.  It is amazing that friends I made in the Balkans, I am now seeing in northern Iceland, what a small world it has become.

But...when I got off the plane in Reykjavik yesterday, the most noticeable thing was the weather.  It was probably in the upper 30's with winds blowing off the ocean and out of the mountains at 20+ miles per hour.  It is COLD!  Back home, it is in the 90's and almost got to 100 the other day which is very HOT! Dealing with the extreme change in temps will be something to get used to.  It really does feel llike a cold January or February here.

The second big thing I will have to get used to, I don't know if you can tell from the picture or not, but it does not get very dark here at night.  The picture posted with this entry is from 1:30 AM here.  I am not sure that the picture does it justice, but you could literally shoot basketball all night.  It is bright enough to go and play catch with baseball or even take some practice swings.  It is that bright.  With the time change and the brightness, it took awhile for me to get sleepy enough to want to sleep last night.  Hopefully that will be something that changes as the week goes on.

Today we start the international basketball coaching clinic and it will be interesting to hear from coaches that live in Croatia, Iceland, Spain and Italy.  Back home we have so many coaching clinics, but rarely do I get to hear from people in other countries.  Two days of clinics then the camp matter what, it will be a great experience.