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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coaches Clinic, Traveling the World, and Other Stuff

(Luigi Gresta from Italy, Isreal Martin from Spain, Goran Miljevic from Croatia, Borce Ilievski from Macedonia, and Perry Hunter from The United States of America)
I have said often over the last few days that in the USA you can go to a coaches clinic every weekend in the fall and spring.  Also, you can go watch just about any college team practice in the winter, but some places in the world, like Iceland, they do not have that luxury.  We are spoiled in the states, very spoiled in many ways.

But by traveling last summer to The Balkans and now Iceland, I have seen two very different places, both great in different ways, but something else stands out more than anything.  How beautiful the place you are in is to the local people, but not just to them, but to me...a visitor.  Looking at different vegetation, mountains, cars, buildings, trying different foods; we really are missing out if we don't go to other places.  Also, I don't know if you can truly appreciate your home and I mean with real feelings unless you travel abroad.  I love traveling abroad, it is an amazing experience that allows me to learn not just by reading in a book, but by seeing it and feeling it.  Like 3AM and the sun is up in Iceland.  But it makes me appreciate more the states, and also Indiana.

Finally, basketball and it could be anything, but basketball is the one thing I have seen unify people from all over the world.  Here at the Tindestoll coaching clinic, you have coaches from Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Iceland and the USA sitting and talking basketball....thankfully in English, but it is a unifying thing.  There are no problems between countries, there are no political issues, it is just people talking about something that we all love.

When I came home from Serbia and Macedonia last summer, I said the trip was life will be this trip to Iceland.  I will grow an ever greater appreciation for the lives of people in other countries, I will grow an ever greater appreciation for my home, but more so....I will grow an ever greater appecation for my family.

It is easier this summer being away from home.  I think I have gotten to the point in my life where I don't get homesick for my house, town, state, but I do for my wife and kids.  My wife, Kristi is unbelievably supportive and the kids will want to knock me over when I get back because they will miss me, but I know how truly blessed I am to have them.  It doesn't take a trip for 12 days in Europe without them to understand, but it doesn't hurt. 

So, bring on the kiddos here for the camp.  If they don't get better after camp is over it will be because they aren't trying because I plan on working, and hopefully helping them to get better.  But I am also looking forward in the quiet times about getting back on the plane and landing in Louisville to see my "team" as I will be missing them greatly by I am now.