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Friday, July 31, 2015

When did we....?

What a long summer and after much reflection, when did we....?

When did we become a nation of the overly offended? When did we become a nation of overly offended about issues that are minuscule compared to other larger issues? We get offended more by a flag (I am not African-American, but I understand why it is offensive to them) than fathers that do not take care of their families? Or that the abortion rate is so high in the black community? Or that assault rifles and drugs are rampant yet not made in the black communities? Or that maybe the group that keeps telling them they're for them are actually racist, at the least accidentally?

When did we as white people become racist no matter how informed we become? No matter how much we try to understand and overcome it? When did white people get to tell me that I'm racist no matter what and yet, somehow, they are not?

When did throwing out words like racist, sexist, and bigot get thrown around so much that they are losing their meaning? When we hear those words, we don't often think of people in that way. So when you call a good person who may make an uninformed comment racist, maybe they're just wrong and need to be informed. To compare them members of the Klan or the Nazi party is wrong.

When did animals become equal to or by some, more important than human lives? We get angry over hunting, but not by the thousands of black people who die each day in this country by other African Americans, or the thousands of "babies" that are killed by Planned Parenthood (you can't exclaim "another boy" without acknowledging the humanity of the "clump of cells", nor do clumps of cells have livers, skulls, legs, etc). We seem to forget that there are many children who are hungry in this country because of the decisions of their parents. Why aren't we doing more?

Drugs. My oh my oh my. Why do children look at adults and think we "don't get it" when talking about drugs and no matter how many examples of former students I have that are arrested, they will be different. Ok, this has always been this change here, but I'm ranting here!!!

To be fair, many of those who are so adamantly against abortion, have not made it so easy to adopt children. They don't always seem to do the best for those children after they are born. They also seem to be the group that "supports the troops" as the go off to war, but forget about them when they get back. Why in the world does a private group like Wounded Warriors have to help wounded soldiers? Should not the group of people that send them off to battle not be responsible for "fixing" them when they get back and not just physically but also mentally?

I know this is about coaching basketball in Indiana, but this is also my blog. It is where I can vent and let go of some of the things that I see and drive me crazy.

We, in the US, are so out of touch with the rest of the world that we lose our minds over having to sit in a car rider line at the local school yet ignore those that are homeless and less fortunate on the way to that same school. I find it difficult to explain to my children as they grow up that we can't help everyone. That we can't help anyone, so they have, along with my wife, remind me to do something rather than continuing with my selfish ways.