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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Time With George W.

I have seen three Presidents live in my life.

I saw George Bush at a Redbirds baseball game in 1989, 90ish. The Redbirds were a Triple A baseball team for the St. Louis Cardinals in Louisville, KY. They played at old Cardinal Stadium and he was attending for a canned food drive.

Then I saw Bill Clinton, twice. Once early in his run for President at the Steamboat museum in Jeffersonville and the race riots in LA over the Rodney King incident had just occurred and he gave a speech about race relations in a small crowd.

Later, once he had the nomination, I saw him in Louisville KY in front of what is now the Yum! Center where U of L basketball is played. Much larger crowd and he was running then for real and there were supporters and people against him.

Finally, I saw George W. at Silver Creek High School where he was giving a speech for a local person running for the House of Representatives.

This time, I shook a President's hand.

No matter what your politics are, that was cool and this picture was taken just before I shook his hand.

I am glad someone got it...if you look, I am further down the line right before I shook the President's hand.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Christian...What is Your Worldview?

I recently found out that some countries in the world are sending Christian missionaries to the United States.

At first, I was appalled, then I understood because it sort of reinforces what I believe about US Christianity. We aren't the "best" Christian country in the world today and we have not been for many, many years.

Here, we have an American Christian worldview. We put "America First" or we celebrate the US before we think about the church or any celebration we might do there.

It is the patriotic thing to do.

Now don't get me wrong, I love this country and we are supremely blessed to live here and from an economic and freedom standpoint there is none better than us.

But we have been losing our way for many years and it is culminating because of materialism, growing secularism and humanism, our being too comfortable, and sexual immorality that has existed in some form here since the beginning of our country.

We have a capitalist economy, mostly, and it has been great to us. We are one of the richest countries in the world and most of us have economic opportunities people are willing to die to attempt getting here. But that has helped us become somewhat heartless. We usually rely on God only when we have experienced a health or death issue. We don't have to think about our faith, in fact, our faith is usually one of convenience and not of necessity and a private thing that we don't feel comfortable sharing.

We have removed God from almost all avenues when it comes to government, schools, etc. We remove God and biblical morals from schools and as much as we can in every way and then wonder why the country continues to descend into an immoral crevasse. Child abuse, molestation, shootings in neighborhoods, schools, and for vengeance, etc are on the rise. Why? We are a miserable country for having so much, why is that? Because we continually try to fill a hole that we all have in our soul with things that are worldly and it never accomplishes our goal which causes more misery.

We have justified sin for so long in this country that the sexual immorality from pre-martial sex to divorce to other sexual sins are having the stigmas removed and even worse, glorified. And we do not show love for those who have done these things using judgment or condemnation without affection.

We want to be comfortable, I get it, I really do. After church, I cannot wait to take my nap after eating a lunch that costs more than a weeks wages in most of the world, but we have got to strive to be better. I have got to strive to better.

We have to rely on God every day and try to remove ourselves from being God because we are nothing without him!

And sadly, I have found this truth not here in the USA, but in third world countries where our arrogance looks at, points, and says "poor things have nothing" when in reality...they have so much more than us.

Total reliance on and devotion to God.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sponsor a Child Today

I am permanently linking World Vision to my site.

My family and I have been sponsoring a girl, first from Indonesia, then from India and it has been a good thing for our family to do.

We hope and pray that it has been a blessing to these young girls also.

If you don't believe you do enough or you ask what can you you go...$39 a month to make a child and his family better off somewhere where they know little of what we have here.

Click here to Sponsor a Child Today

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Our Trip to the South

University of New Orleans practice

Selma, Alabama

New Orleans

My girl