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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jet Lag Feels Like the Flu

Everytime I have traveled internationally, the jet lag for me is worse when coming back than going to my destination.  You can imagine how bad I felt after traveling 40 hours back into time.  By crossing the International Date Line, I had to go back in time 11 hours and I am feeling it pretty good today (Sunday)

Having jet lag is like having the flu.  You don't feel well, but it isn't anything specific.  It is an aching tired feeling.  You want to sleep, a lot and usually at the wrong times.  My nights and days are messed up, but I don't get the opportunity to have a lot of time to get back in sync, I have to go back to school on Monday and try to be somewhat functional (have patience students).

Saturday when I arrived and saw my family, it is always a nice feeling when the two people who love you unconditionally (my kids at least until they are teenagers) hug and kiss you and cry.  You really feel what true love is all about.  Some day they may feel differently, but I will never not love my children, it is true love.  My wife was happy to see me, too, but I can't help to think/worry that she could always do better and though she missed me, she realizes that she could do better (Let's be honest, most men marry up, we end up with women who could always do better.)  I am glad to be back to remind her why she loves me and I can help her out around the house and with the kids.

Many things have gone through my mind since I have been home.  Mostly is that we are so blessed in the United States.  There are government programs or private entitites that could and do help just about anybody.  If you need help, you can get it.  It might not be easy, it might be costly, but it can be done.  In some countries, it just isn't that way.  You are on your own in some countries, their hope is non existent compared to here (why do you think so many people want to come to the US?).  We are the 1% when it comes to the world and the possibility for success in the future for every individual.

Traveling to Indonesia has reinforced my desire to attend Louisville Bible College and to continue doing what I can to help others less fortunate than I.  I challenge us all to do that.  For those of you who think we should only help those in the US because, well....for whatever reasons, then do it.  I have heard many people utter those words, but don't back it up with anything other than their "patriotism".  For those of you who don't believe that way and that we are all human beings, pick some place, someone and help (see World Vision and many other programs).

It was amazing in Indonesia that basketball allowed us so many opportunities over there.  Before we left, we were told to spread the Gospel and when necessary use words.  By using basketball, coaching and playing, we were able to do just that.  Basketball allowed us to go somewhere and be what we were when without it, we just might not have been allowed to do so. 

There is a place for sports ministry in the world, here and abroad.  In fact, sports ministry may be the only thing accepted in some places.  If it is something you might be interested, you can go to the websites of Sports Reach run by Robby Speer or Athletes in Action and get involved.  You can be involved as much or as little as you desire, but I think you will be surprised what you can do in combining your faith with sports.