Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recently, I received an email from a representative of  The email informed me that as a blogger they would like to offer me a promo discount if I would write about their website/company.  Seeing the opportunity for something free, I tentatively leaped at the opportunity.  I guess the cynical part of me thought there had to be a catch, nothing is for free, right? Obviously, they would want me to write about their company and post it here, so I thought, I can fake it for the money, right?

Then I got on their website.  It is pretty cool and unlike any ticket website that I have been on before.   You can buy tickets on the site, and you can bid for a lower price.  I am mostly interested in baseball and basketball games and they have plenty of options close to where I live, but they offer other sports, music, and other attractions.  I went into this thinking that it would be a one time usage, use my promo code, and that is it, but I do not think so now.

I am not trying to sell anything and I have not used the site yet so I am interested in how it will play out.  But if it works the way I think it will, it is a site I will use often.  Did I mention you can bid on tickets?  A downfall may be that you may not know exactly where your tickets are before the event, but you will know a general area.  Again, it is the Priceline of tickets in bidding on your tickets.  I am looking forward to trying it out!

Quick Facts:

● You are guaranteed to save on each and every ticket on
● Tickets for sports, concerts, theater, Broadway, family shows, and attractions
● No fees freedelivery
● Choose Your Seating Area all seats ordered together will be next to each other
● Tell us what you want to pay you have all the control, it’s thrilling!
● Get an instant answer you find out right away if your offer has been accepted

How it works:

● Choose your event
● We don't tell you what to pay, you much you save is up to you
● By choosing a seating area rather than an exact seat, you're giving the ticket providers the flexibility they need to give you great deals
● Get an instant answer

About enables consumers to get great tickets for live sports, concert and theater events – at guaranteed savings of up to 60 percent. customers pick their own price on seats from the floor to the rafters, always pay less than box office price, and never pay any fees. For its partners, is the first and only opaque sales channel to move unsold ticket inventory in a way that protects the ticket owner’s brand and fullprice sales. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., was founded in 2009 and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners. was recently recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies and by Billboard as one of the 10 Best Startups of 2012.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Will They Do?

Coaching has helped me as a parent.  There are many things that I have learned on what to do and what not to do.  When you coach and you are not a parent, you think you have all the answers, but I did not.  For me, I had to have children to make me a better coach.  Some might argue that it made ma worse coach, but that is how I feel, personally. But, being a coach has allowed me to pay attention to how I act as a parent of an athlete and has helped me there also. Not only do I examine my own actions, I am open to feedback of other people, I think, more than others because I realize we all lose our minds with our own children.

Life is hard.  Sports are easy.  However, sports do prepare you for life, but they are not life.  Dealing with adversity whether with a coach, losing, injury, or teammates are all part of growing up.  Will I be able to step in everytime my kids need me?  Yep, until they are adults or I die.  So I hope I have preprared them for the brutality of life without me.  Why? Because I will not always be there to pick them up, dust them off, and send them back into the fight.  They must learn to do it themselves.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You're Where You're Supposed to Be, Right?

Over the last two years, I have felt a call to enter the mission field.  More specificially, sports mission, and even more specific; basketball missions.  I believe that you can use sports to share your faith and touch and help people that you cannot do without sports.  I get a fulfillment out of that type of activity that I have never felt before in a work place.

Sure, I enjoy teaching and I am a basketball coach.  It would not matter if I coach or not, it is what I am, but I would love to work full time in the basketball mission field.  The opportunities are there for me.  I could go work full time on staff with FCA or Athletes in Action, both have asked.  There is much about those jobs I would love to do except one thing.

That one thing is to raise my own funds.  In other words, I have to raise my salary, retirment and money for health insurance.  For me to make 40-50 thousand, I would have to raise over $100,000 from people who would be willing to support me.  I just cannot do it.  I cannot ask for friends and family to help pay my salary.  Yes they do it now, but it is tax money, it is not so direct and personal.

Also, I have taught for 15 years.  I have a Masters in Education +30 hours which means that I would take a pretty good pay cut to quit my job, or retire, and do the sports mission thing.  How can I do that to my family?  We have a mortgage, car payments, and two little kids.  I would take a risk of losing what we have and maybe even forced to downsize (which I do not think would be bad). 

Finally, I would like to work for sports missions or even work at a church, but would they allow me to continue coaching?  I have heard in these situations that often they do not want you involved with one school and that it would take time away from your job that you are paid to do.

I do not feel that I am in a bad job and I am not miserable.  I think it might make it easier to take that jump if I were, but I feel that I am still in a place that I have been called as a coach and teacher, or am I?

FCA for April 22

Today, David Bigelow had Ross Knecht (pictured above) come in and speak.  Mr. Knecht is the Executive Director for Country Lake Christian ResortHe spoke to the students about the definition of success and that what the world considers successful will not bring you happiness over the long haul of your life.  There has to be something greater than yourself to work towards.