Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome to the Comfort Zone

It's Easter this Sunday, it is the biggest holiday for Christians, or at least it should be.  The crucifixion of Christ and his empty tomb is what has saved all of us that believe that Jesus is the Messiah. It's a big deal.  If you know anything about what happened to Jesus before he was crucified, you know that he was beaten horribly, taunted, spit on, then nailed to a cross.  For you.

Now I cannot imagine what I would do for someone who did that for me that I could see and touch.  Of course, you will not be able to see and touch someone who has been killed for you, but let's take it down a notch.  If you were going to lose your home and you needed a large chunk of change to keep your family there and someone gave you the money, not loaned, but gave it to you would you not feel you owed that person something, at least a couple hours a week of your time?

Yet, we have been given the greatest gift and we do not feel that we owe everything for it.  How can I say that?  Some excuses for not attending church on Sunday that I have heard: "I am too tired to get up", "I can't get the kids ready", "It's not important for me to be there every Sunday", "We were out too late Saturday", and "I know I should do better, but...(fill in the blank)".

Too tired to get up.  We seem to do just fine during the work week getting up and getting to work. But we have to, right?  If not, we lose our job.  I am usually exhaused on Sunday, I get up at 6:30 AM during the week, I actually sleep in until 7:45 on Sundays and it is nice.  Call me old, but I love my nap after lunch, too on Sundays.

Can't get the kids up.  During the week, it is a fight most mornings, but we seem to get them up and ready by 7 AM, yet we have a hard time getting them up and ready for 9:45.  To be fair, my wife does this and she is the more motivated of us two when it comes to getting to church on Sunday.

Not important for you to be there every Sunday.  I agree, we don't have to be there every Sunday, but if somebody loaned me money to save my home, I would probably be where they told me to be once a week for the rest of my life.  Yet, it seems so many of us struggle to do that for Christ.

Out too late Saturday.  We like to go out and relax sometimes on a Saturday night, but I feel that what has been done for me motivates me to get up and worship.  I mean, we get to sleep in til 9:30 if all we are going to do is attend church.  That should be enough sleep if we really want it to be.

I know I should do better.  Yep, we should and we can justify anything we do or do not do.  It is part of the human condition.  We do not like to get out of our comfort zone and it is just church, right?

So I am asking...doesn't Jesus deserve more from us?  I think so.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey Son...

Today is my son's 6th birthday.  It is crazy to me how fast time can fly in general, but you turn around and your babies are 9 and 6.  It really does seem like yesterday that I was feeding them, changing diapers and watching their first steps.

Now, they are growing so much and the responsibility I feel can sometimes be overwhelming.  I want them to be good people, enjoy life, yet stand for something (which gets harder every day) and be willing to fight for what they believe in.

I remember when my daughter was born, the horrible selfishness that I had for me started to disappear (not completely, I am still a work in progress).  Now with my son, I am watching him grow into a young man, okay...real young, but I feel so much more that my life is not about me.  It is about my daughter feeling loved and choosing a man who will treat her the right way.  It is about raising my son to be a man, a man who would make his dad proud, and in fact, one that will surpass his father.

Monday, April 14, 2014

That's Not My Job

We have all done it in our lives.  We have been asked or told to do something at a place of employment and have uttered those arrogant words: "That's not my job."

I spoke with my Pastor Sunday at church and asked that if we are true followers of Jesus and strive to be good servant leaders, those words should never be uttered from our mouths.  Of course, there are some reasons when we might utter those things.  Like when someone makes a decision that you have to stand by even if you agree with the complaintant..."that's not my job" to make that decision, but it is your job to stand by it if you are a subordinate.

You might utter it if someone asks you about some job you find offensive..."that's not my job."
But if you are a true servant, there should be no job beneath you.  There should be no job outside of your job description.  There should be nothing that you would not be willing to help with if asked.

That is one of the hardest things I have faced in my spiritual growth.  I am, by nature, an extremely selfish person.  I do not like to be brought out of my comfort zone for much of anything.  And, in fact, I will probably help more with a stranger than I would with the people who I love the most.  Makes no sense, I know, but it is what I have to overcome.

Next time you want to say "Uhhh, that's not my job", remember that if you want to be a true servant leader, it is your job.  It is always your job.

You Need a New Coach?

If I were going to hire a basketball coach, here are some of the things I would look for.

1. Passion-Does this person have a passion for the job?  By researching, you can find out if that is a consistent thing or something just for the interview.

2. Reputation- I would contact or have other people contact more than just those individuals on a resume to see what the true reputation of a person is.  In dealing with reputation, it would be on the court, but off the court also.  What have they done in their past job?  Were they cooperative?

3. Basketball knowledge-Do they know what they are talking about?  Nothing against some playing styles, but dependent on what school I was coaching at would tell me if a person was right for the job or not.  You can't press and run at a school with little competition or depth.

4. Effective communication skills-This goes along with #2, but today's coaches need to win, but also be able to communicate to students, athletes, basketball campers, administration, teachers, and parents.  You will be the face of that basketball program and many instances, the face of the school.

5. I would use every resource I had at my fingertips.  From looking online for things, to using the people in my building who may  know people from the past communities, to the resume.

Hiring a basketball coach in Indiana can be a tough job.  You can hire from within a school and go with an entity you already know, or you can hire from outside not knowing fully what you are getting until the summer or school year gets started.

I know that if I were going to be held accountable for my hire, I would try to cover as many bases as possible. 

Doing this type of thing and having to fire coaches are many reasons that I would never want to be an Athletic Director.  But I do like to write.

All Men and My Daughter

When dancing, read the below "how to" to twerking.