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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How Soon We Forget

Student cheer sections.

They rarely exist anymore.

There once was a time when the only thing to do in town on a Friday night was attend the local boys' basketball game, but today is a different time.

There are many more sports and there are many other things to do, so students often do not attend their classmates' athletic events.

It does happen, and we have a very good student section (when motivated) at Silver Creek.

The O-Zone.

Kids today...they often cross the line of what is appropriate or acceptable, we all did when we were younger and need to be reminded when to cross back over the line of acceptability.

But kids...if they don't attend athletic events are often critiqued that they don't have school spirit "like when I was in school".

But if they do attend, they do get involved, they do get passionate and loud and they do cross the line from time to time, they are attacked by adults on social media.

Kids do need guidance.

And I think it is relatively healthy to be disliked by other school communities because of the passion a student population has for its classmates, but for high school kids to be criticized in public by their own people...I just don't get it.

I do understand concerns and complaints, I have my own from time to time, but I don't get the idea of complaining on social media about a situation until it has been given a chance to resolve.

And to me, comments that I know to be untrue hurt the overall statement of any complaint.

Adding exaggeration does nothing but create a hostile situation.

Thanks to the students here who love their school, their classmates, and want to show their passion for that school.

How soon we forget what it was like to be young and enthusiastic.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hope in a Hopeless Moment

I recently returned from Denham Springs, Louisiana.

That area and much of the surrounding areas were flooded recently and the situation there is dire and what seems like a long haul to overcome until any type of normalcy is established.

A couple of members of my family and I went down to take supplies and money that our church has raised. Our former pastor has lost his home, his church and is dealing with many members of his church who have lost everything.

And Wow! The idea of a flood is cruel. As the water rises slowly, it is telling all those that it is coming shortly and when it does, it isn't going to take your stuff, it's going to get it really wet and then leave it for you to throw out.

What you do then is go through your stuff and throw out your life. All of your stuff and memories end up piled on the lawn to be picked up and thrown into a landfill.

Yet the people in that area seem to have good attitudes about the whole situation. I'm sure there have been tears, feelings of hopelessness and it will probably get worse before it gets better. But there were laughs, smiles, and the sharing of what little people have. There are supplies starting to come in from all around the country and the people are not complaining...too much.

There hasn't been wide spread looting, or rioting over what hasn't been done or what hasn't been there to visit. The people have just gotten their hands dirty and are taking care of themselves.

They will get past this, it will take awhile, it will be hard, but they aren't pointing fingers, they're taking care of themselves and each other.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What Would Younger Me Think?

I enjoy both being a parent and teaching.

You are around the future.

Not just communally, but to see all of the potential things that these young people can do with their lives, it makes me somewhat envious.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life, I don't think I could do better than I have, but I see them and understand how they can do literally anything they want to do.

Then I think of myself as a young person and wonder if my younger self could see me what would he think?

Would I be the type of dad he'd want?

Would I be the type of human being he'd want?

It's crazy to think that the younger me is really me with time and experience.

I have never left me, I am right here and have been since the beginning.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's Goin On?

Have you noticed that the discourse online is much worse than in real life?

What causes that disconnect with face to face interaction?

Why do we feel the need to "correct" others and do it in a way that would never change their behavior or mind?

Why does this bother me so much?

Why can't I let go of social media all together?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

But I Can't Say "No"

This morning our SCHS Lit teacher, Mr. Paul Hankins, gave my two children some gifts.

The gifts?


There are a couple of things I cannot say "no" to when it comes to my kiddos.

One is when they ask to play outside. They don't do it enough and seem to always want to be involved with technology within the walls of our house.

The second is "Can I buy this book?"

How in the world could I say no if my kids want books? I can't.

And gifts...even more easy to say yes.

Thanks again Mr. Hankins.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Can We Get a Re-Do for 2016?

I am 46 and voting in my 8th presidential election.

I voted for George Bush that year, then voted for Bill Clinton the next two elections.

That's enough about who I voted for because I do believe it's a persona private right to support and vote for whomever they want, it's the great thing about our country.

But this's something else.

I've paid attention to the election cycle since 1980, I was about 10 years old and loved Ronald Reagan, but I have not seen a cycle like this one.

I'm not going to get into what I think is wrong about both candidates, but there is much wrong and, in my opinion, not only do I not know what to do when it comes to voting, I feel I should apologize to first time voters.

So what am I going to do? I don't know.

I may vote for one of the major candidates, I may vote for one of the minor candidates (there are two other people on the ballot), or I may...gasp...abstain from voting for president.

It really bothers me that I may not vote for anyone, but it's also my right to do so...or not.