28 years coaching experience/ 7 years as a varsity boys' basketball coach

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tension Inside

As a player in the sports I played (basketball and baseball), I never got emotional. Okay, I did when I was in the 6th grade and early in practices of my 7th grade year, but when I got older and played at a higher level, I never lost my control. Some of it is my dad and the  tough lessons he taught me, but I never got so upset that I would yell or lose my cool. I wouldn't pout, I'd just play harder.

But as a coach, I can't always seem to keep myself controlled.

When I played, as soon as the jump ball went up or I threw the first pitch in a game, the tension inside of me went away. I was busy attempting to win the game. I was competing.

But as a coach, as soon as that first sports moment occurs, it doesn't seem like the tension disappears. In fact, it may get worse and the only way I can get it out is to be more emotional than I am normally. Not able to run and jump and throw and block players out, the only release I have for that tension is to move and yell. The yelling can be at my team, it can be at the officials (I really try not to do that, my teams usually do more than enough to fail without any call or non-call can do).

Why that does is make me behave in a manner in which I rarely do in "real" life?

It makes me question if I should continue coaching at any level. I've been told that with my personality I believe that there is a way I think how things should go and if they don't, I just can't seem to handle it.

Which causes me to lose my cool.

Which causes me to act in a way I shouldn't.

Which causes me to embarrass myself or my family.

I don't know what to do, to be honest. I love sports, I love to compete and I love attempting to set a positive example, but that does not always happen.

With the birth of my children and the growth in my faith, I have improved. I do realize that there are more important things in life than sports. My children helped to fully grasp that.

I used to put my whole identity in coaching and whether my teams won or not. My faith in Jesus Christ helped me to understand I am more than a coach.

But I still fail...a lot. A lot more than I want to. So much so that it does make me feel bad when I dno't live up to my standard.

But I will continue to coach at some level and I will continue fighting the internal tension that seems to reside in me.

So I apologize right now to future teams I coach, future officials I will offend, future fans that I make mad, to my own children and my wife and family because I will continue to not live up to the standard that I have for myself.

But I'm gonna keep trying.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Silver Creek seniors participated in a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier while on Senior Trip.

It was awesome to be there and watch.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Guilty as Charged

No matter how far you set the bar for your behavior, you will often not reach it.

1. Realize it.

2. Admit it.

3. Fix it.

4. Show it.

5. Repeat if necessary.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Uggghhh Elementary Basketball Camps!!!

We are about to begin our basketball camps here at Silver Creek. When summer stuff became more prevalent in the state, many coaches decided to get their camps with little kids finished before the summer stuff began. It was a way of doing one less thing in an already full summer.

Basketball camps are a necessity. You can get across so much at these camps with the younger players that you cannot get across at any other time. And I am not just talking basketball. We can get across working hard, competing, being a good person, etc.

But before they start, I get a so 'not looking forward to it' mindset.

But then the camps start.

And the kids are excited.

And they want to learn and they play hard and they smile because they haven't seen you since last fall.

Then I remember why I like doing these things.

Before the camp starts, it is all about my emotions and what I want to do, but after the camps begin, I remember that it isn't about me.

It is about putting smiles on kid's faces and enjoying the game that I love.

Being in the Right Place

I support life.

From conception to death.

I am against abortion.

I am against capital punishment.

I am against adoption being too costly.

I am against unnecessary wars.

I believe that all life is precious.

If that makes me a lunatic, then call me crazy.

I believe that everyone has choices to make and that those choices come before conception. I believe that anyone can save their lives and that prison is a viable and justified punishment (we know that we have executed innocent people in the US with new technology).

I believe that adoption should be easier and cheaper than it is. I believe that war should be the final option, but often, and unfortunately, defining an unnecessary war happens with time.

Jesus says in John 15:18 "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first." I keep in mind that by quoting scripture, it makes me radical in many eyes, but it is through my faith that I have come to my opinion on life.

Russell Moore said in a speech the other night that if both sides of the political spectrum are flinging arrows at you, you are probably in the right place as a believer.

Well...I feel them quite often by both co-workers and people at my church, so I must be in the right place.

Monday, May 2, 2016

According to William Lane Craig

There five main things that science cannot prove and they are as follows:

  1. Logical and mathematical truths cannot be proven by science.  Science presupposes logic and math; to try to prove them by science would be arguing in a circle.
  2. Metaphysical truths such as that there are other minds other than my own or that the external world is real or that the past wasn’t created five minutes ago with the appearance of age.
  3. Ethical beliefs about statements of value are not accessible by the scientific method.  You can’t show by science whether the Nazi scientists did anything in the camps that is evil as opposed to the scientists in western democracies.
  4. Aesthetic judgments cannot be accessed by the scientific method because the beautiful, like the good, cannot be scientifically proven.
  5. Science itself.  Science cannot be justified by the scientific method.  Science is permeated by improvable assumptions.  For example, in the special theory of relativity, the whole theory hinges on the assumption that the speed of light is constant in a one-way direction from point A to point B, it must be assumed.