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Monday, July 5, 2010

Life changing trip

Today I ran a typical practice for HHS and it seemed to go well. Coaches here are wanting to learn as am I. The kids treat me like a rock star! "Are you from America?" "Can I get a picture with you?" Great, great kids....great, great country.

They took me into Ohrid today to Plaoshnik. It is the church where the Chryllic alphabet and Slavic language began. Also, the Apostle Paul visited. It was overwhelming historically, archaelogically, and spirtually. This trip to the Balkans has been a life changing event. There was the me before and the me after.

The young talent level here is very good and unknown. Many players here will be known worldwide in a few years as I believe that Macedonia will be a country to deal with internationally.

These are a great, proud people who both love Americans, but are bitter about American policies. They are proud of their heritage and history.

I am extremely torn as I feel as if this is a second home, but I am ready to return to my "home"....Kristi, Madison, and Brandon.