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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Time With George W.

I have seen three Presidents live in my life.

I saw George Bush at a Redbirds baseball game in 1989, 90ish. The Redbirds were a Triple A baseball team for the St. Louis Cardinals in Louisville, KY. They played at old Cardinal Stadium and he was attending for a canned food drive.

Then I saw Bill Clinton, twice. Once early in his run for President at the Steamboat museum in Jeffersonville and the race riots in LA over the Rodney King incident had just occurred and he gave a speech about race relations in a small crowd.

Later, once he had the nomination, I saw him in Louisville KY in front of what is now the Yum! Center where U of L basketball is played. Much larger crowd and he was running then for real and there were supporters and people against him.

Finally, I saw George W. at Silver Creek High School where he was giving a speech for a local person running for the House of Representatives.

This time, I shook a President's hand.

No matter what your politics are, that was cool and this picture was taken just before I shook his hand.

I am glad someone got it...if you look, I am further down the line right before I shook the President's hand.