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Monday, February 6, 2012

You Will Know When You Know

The above title are the words that former HHS coach John Bradley spoke to me this winter when I was having some doubts about whether going on or not as basketball coach.  He was right.  That is why I have resigned as boys' basketball coach at Henryville H.S. coach effective at the end of the season.  Some people believed that I should have waited until the end of the season, however, my plans leaked out and I felt it important to end all speculation.  I told my team 3 weeks ago and now am going public as to end any speculation.

The passion and energy have waned the last couple of years, but this past season even more so.  I truly believe that after 7 years both the program (which I love with all my heart) and myself needs a change.  There are many fights that are to be fought to bring HHS to be a better program, some I have fought and tired of fighting and some I have chosen not to fight.  I will write about that in the future.  I am leaving on my accord.  There are no scandals or pressure to resign, it is something I am doing on my own terms and happy about the future.

As for myself, I feel a calling to do something more faith based.  Something in the way of sports ministry is what I am feeling a calling to do.  Also, basketball is in my blood and my families blood, I don't think there is any way I will have nothing to do in the way of coaching.  In the future, I am sure I will help my children's teams and may end up somewhere else, I am not sure.  But my time for being the head man is over....for now.  I have no desire to be a head coach of any team, but I do have a desire to help a head coach in being an assistant some day.

I want to go and watch high school coaches practices and learn from people that I relate to more often.  I want to have freedom to go to games that aren't on the Henryville schedule.  I want to have the freedom to sleep in and hang out with my family.  I want to have the freedom not to feel pressured over the holidays because I am stressing about future games.

I want to thank all of the administrators, students, fans, parents, opposing coaches, my assistant coaches, and especially the players for the 7 years I was the head coach.  I believe that the players all tried to buy into what we were doing and I appreciate so much more how they have treated my own family.  My kids look up to them as something larger than life.  The high school administrative support at HHS is second to none.  They allow you to coach and keep lots of dumb stuff from reaching us.

The only reason I thought about continuing was for my family.  My children get so much out of the games and the team, but I didn't think that was fair to me or even them.  They will continue to be a part of basketball and HHS.  It might be in a different venue, but maybe I can bribe the people here to allow them to continue being a manager and cheerleader, I guess time will tell and either way will be fine.

Some have asked if there is any one thing that has caused me to resign, something negative.  My comment is that there isn't one thing, but the accumulation of many things over 7 years that I have gotten tired of.  It wasn't one email, it wasn't one conversation, it wasn't one rumor, it wasn't any one thing, but at some point, my cup has become full.

In closing, I want to say this, I will still be attending HHS basketball games when I get a chance.  I was born in October of 1969 and my mother started taking me to games immediately.  I will continue to attend games and still be one of the biggest supporters of Henryville Basketball.