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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What are you thinking?

Look, I know no one is perfect.  I know that I do not want some of the things I have done when I was younger to be publicly paraded around the Internet.  I know that I am glad that I don't have a camera on me 24/7 in some reality show as I fall short....a lot.  But I don't get what some people are thinking in the things that they do.

If you are a coach you have decided to give up certain privacies.  Some choose more than others, but you had better be ready to deal with consequences.  Not all consequences are negative either and there are probably degrees of how negative the consequence can be.  I know some coaches who have decided to never drink alcohol in their town they coach, they choose to do so when far away from that area though.  I know coaches who could care less and own bars within the town they coach.  I am saying that neither is right or wrong, but there are consequences.

If you choose to do anything online, in real life, in a nearby park, at your home with the blinds open, be in bad parts of town and questionable times and you are caught, you will have to deal with it.  I think the least of dealing with it is being fired, the worst is that your reputation has been soiled or flat out ruined.

What are you thinking?  You are a role model, but that doesn't mean you have to be perfect.  To me, it means that you stand for something, usually something higher than what is the norm, but it also means that when you fall short of your own expectations, you admit it, you apologize and you try again.

However, there are some things that make zero sense.  As a coch you can't drink and drive, first because it is dangerous and wrong, second because if you get caught you are setting a horrible example to your students both on the team and not.  You can't cheat on your wife and make it a messy public affair, again you are becoming that which you don't understand and have to deal with often during the season.  You can't be with underage boys or girls, come on I don't have to explain that.  You can't do many, many things in public whether it be online or in a park far, far away from your home. 

Some people think that when setting an example they have to give up too much freedom which I think makes little sense.  If you have to give up doing illegal and probably immoral things to be a leader, then you are in the wrong field.  Just do what you think is right, what most people think is right, and I would bet that if you do that you are not having to be a perfect human being, just one that has some common sense.