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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Uggghhh Elementary Basketball Camps!!!

We are about to begin our basketball camps here at Silver Creek. When summer stuff became more prevalent in the state, many coaches decided to get their camps with little kids finished before the summer stuff began. It was a way of doing one less thing in an already full summer.

Basketball camps are a necessity. You can get across so much at these camps with the younger players that you cannot get across at any other time. And I am not just talking basketball. We can get across working hard, competing, being a good person, etc.

But before they start, I get a so 'not looking forward to it' mindset.

But then the camps start.

And the kids are excited.

And they want to learn and they play hard and they smile because they haven't seen you since last fall.

Then I remember why I like doing these things.

Before the camp starts, it is all about my emotions and what I want to do, but after the camps begin, I remember that it isn't about me.

It is about putting smiles on kid's faces and enjoying the game that I love.