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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Have a Blog

I have a blog.

It is fully of my experiences and pictures of what I do.

And I often wonder about my own motives here.

I often wonder about other's perception of my motives here.

Do I do good things because I want to, because I should, because I think it makes me look good?

I have always had problems about how others perceive me, it's a shortcoming that I've dealt with since adolescence.

And I know there are people out there who take what I do and/or share here and make light of it. They think I probably think I am better than others. That I am trying to show how great I am.

I don't and I'm not.

In fact, the mere fact that I try to do good things and then share some of them (not everything makes it here) is to help those that we work with or to show how others can try to do something. I think I've also shared some of my shortcomings, but try to show how you can turn them around if you try. Plus, when I am older or dead and gone, I want it to be something that my kids and then grandchildren can look at and read to see who I was.

I'm really not trying to toot my own horn or attempt to try to be better than others, so when I travel to South America here soon and write about it, it isn't to come off as fake, but genuine. That's all I'm trying to ever be...genuinely authentic.

Because I'm just trying to give back, help my own children appreciate what they have and teach them to give back, and to set some kind of an example of how you can help, you don't have to sit and point and say others should do something.

You can do something.