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Monday, April 27, 2015

Truth, Love, and Basketball

At church this past Sunday, one of our elders quoted a statement on truth and love.

"There is a delicate balance between truth and love. Some people are overzealous for the truth so much so that they forget love and some are so overwhelmed with love they forget the truth."

It was said in context of church, but can be used in coaching basketball, or any sport.

"Some people are overzealous for their coaching truth that they forget to love their players and some are so overwhelmed with loving their players, they do not provide truth, or discipline."

I think back when I started coaching; why any of those guys would have anything to do with me, I don't know. I was crazy. Yelling, cussing, running them all of the time...just nuts.

It took awhile to learn that love was important in coaching. I went to the extreme that I probably became too lenient because I saw the struggles and realized how rough some of their lives were.

It's a constant fight to find this delicate balance between your coaching truth and loving your players.

I know it exists though because I see it as I swing by.