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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Drugs, Indiana, and Those Who Help

(Austin teacher/coach Brandon Stagnolia addressing volunteers before community clean up)
We read articles, we watch the nightly news, but most of us live in relatively safe neighborhoods, but we hear about the "drug war". Or we hear about how big of a problem drugs can be. If we are honest, too often there is someone close to us that has dealt with addiction and their battle to get clean. Recently, southern Indiana's Scott county, but more specifically the small town of Austin has been in the news due to an outbreak of HIV due to syringe drug users and their sharing of needles.

We are quick to make judgmental comments about how horrible these people are, but they really are just like you and me, aren't they? Who hasn't partaken in alcohol or some other recreational drug? It is very easy to become addicted to that drug and then advance to more dangerous things. Look at cigarettes. Once you are addicted, most people realize that it isn't good for them and would love to not be addicted to this poison. And unfortunately, it leads to them doing bad things or putting others that they love in horrible situations. I believe they should be held accountable for their actions, but they are addicted and sick.

People struggle, for some it's easier to be clean, for others it isn't. Thank God there are peopl willing to help and that there are groups willing to help clean up these communities. An article in the local newspaper showed the good that can come from this terrible situation in Austin, IN (you can read HERE).

Please reach out to Coach Brandon Stagnolia at Austin H.S. to encourage him and his wife and the actions he's taking to help take their community back!