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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 38: Who Do You Think You Are?

Day 38:

We are human beings, it is natural to sometimes believe we are bigger than ourselves. We will believe that we are bigger than our family, our team, our employer, other people, etc, but really, who do we think we are? I don't mean that in a "you need to find yourself" way, but in a "get over yourself" way. Most things, if not everything is larger than you.

To understand this you must humble yourself and sometimes that means putting up with something that you do not see as fair. Unless it is illegal, or immoral, get over it and move on. Eventually, if you don't like the situation you can move on, but to try and make the situation worse because of your selfishness is, well, wrong.

Let it go. This is great advice and usually something we believe while there is no stress or no conflict, but harder to do in the middle of a conflict. But remember, breathe, let it go, and find someone you can air it out with. Make it someone you can trust and will not spread what you say because sometimes we just want to be heard by a third party which will make you feel better when dealing with the second party.

Challenge: Let it go, if not, move on.