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Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 37: Success Can be Toxic

(Can you smile with a knot like that on your head..?)

Day 37:

In life you will experience many different feelings and experiences. Most days, without proper perspective, are good, but nothing remarkable will happen (look for the remarkable in the mundane). However, you will experience huge successes and huge failures in your life. Failure is a good thing, it will help you learn so much about yourself and those around you, but it will be hard.

I have found that when life isn't going well, it isn't being fair, it can be hard, but I want to get up and get going to make things better. To keep plugging away is a noble endeavor that you will attempt until you have dug yourself out of your present hole. It can be hard, but you will have people that are willing to help.

What you will be amazed by is that success can be more toxic, more poisonous. First, it is easy to forget what got you to that successful position. The hard work, the focus, and the time spent working towards that success will be forgotten the longer you are successful. You will begin to think that success is easy and that it is a natural action that you can accomplish anytime you want. Those thoughts will allow you to remain successful for a short time, but eventually the short cuts and the lack of work ethic will rear its ugly head bringing you back to everyone else. 

Second, you will find that as you succeed, there will be fewer people there to "help". In fact, jealousy will occur on a wide scale by many people who you believed were on your side. I read a quote once that said that "anytime you raise your head above mediocrity, expect the masses to try and pull you back down with them". It's true.

What is important is that you understand that life is a wonderful thing. Even in the bad times there are lessons to be learned, and even in the good times there will be bad times. Stay focused, stay alert, continue to work as if every day depends on how you will be judged at your job, with your family, or with God. If you stay on that path, you will find that you have a fulfilled life, one that will be worth living.

Challenge: Take stock of your current situation. Are you in a down time? Reach out. Are you in an up time? Don't forget what got you there. But enjoy the time, this time today for it is all you are guaranteed.