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Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 34: Be Part of a Team

Day 34:

This life cannot be done alone. Be part of a team, be part of many teams. Your family is a team, your work place is a team and there may be other options, but do not try to do life alone. There will be many times in this life that you will want to crawl into a hole and not connect, but you cannot do that. For your sake and for the sake of the others on your specific team.

Realize, too, that as part of a team so many things can tear it apart or affect it. Your family team can be done in by cheating, by being disconnected, and by just not being around at all. Your work team can be destroyed by your lack of effort, your lack of spreading the work around, the amount of gossip that can spread either by you or by others on the team, and so many other things that make being part of a successful team a challenge.

I've said before, don't say it unless you want to be faced with it, but also you do not have to talk about everything single issue you perceive. Sometimes you can take up that issue with the person you have a problem with and not let anyone else know. Sometimes you can take up that issue and let your feelings be known and if nothing changes, you have the right to take that issue to a higher power. But if that team has a time line, the continual complaining publicly will do nothing to help the team, wait until the end of that timeline or season and then put the full court press on.

Be a part of a team, but understand that when you do because you are dealing with people, it will be messy. That's what makes success so enjoyable when you can overcome all of those outside and inside influences within a team. It's also how you learn to deal with negative issues in life when disappointed.

Challenge: Embrace your team(s) today, the good or the bad. You will learn from both experiences if you are smart.