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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 29: Get it Done

Day 29:

Get it done. If you are like me, I schedule just a little too much in each and every day. I schedule just a little too much in each and every week which leads to months and years. First, make sure that in that scheduling that you put some quiet time, some alone time, some time with your family and some time for fun.

But this is about getting "it" done. First thing I do each morning is to write down a list of things that I have to get accomplished that day. Some people do it the night before, I do it that morning. Then I try to combine these things as much as possible. My room is far from the office and the basketball office where I spend much of my time. When I leave my room, I try and make sure that I can get multiple things accomplished so that I do not have to walk back and forth. There is a lot of time wasted walking back and forth.

However, when those moments occur and you have forgotten something and have to back track, use that time. Do not get frustrated and have a black cloud hanging over you do something else. That something else for me is thinking. I think too much as it is, but it is in those moments that I try and focus less on the frustration of "wasting a trip" and more on how beautiful my wife is, how wonderful she is, or something about the kids that brings a smile to my face. Or, I start thinking two steps ahead to what I need to get done once this task is finished.

Challenge: If you feel overwhelmed, organize. Not every part of your life has to be organized, but the parts that matter probably should be. Start today to get it done.