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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 27: Be the Remnant

Day 27:

As our society continues to "progress" more and more of what we believe to be traditional values will continue to erode to be negative. Just the term "traditional values" has a negative connotation. But as our society continues, you can better believe that which we hold true will be questioned. I see it as a 45 year old man and my grandfather 40 years ago saw it.

Do I believe that we should not change and progress? Of course not, but not all change is good or, more debatable, right or correct. You must hold on even when you face the waves and waves of those who question your rock solid values. You must prepare yourself for those who will attack you verbally and call you all kinds of negative terms in hopes of shutting you up. There is a form of censorship going on, often by those who claim to love freedom of speech, to stop you from disagreeing with their ever "progressive" claims.

In the Old Testament, there are numerous stories in which the people of YWHW have turned from Him and "doing what is right in their eyes". Yet, there is always a Remnant, a small group who is continuing to live the way they have been called to live. They may be a little off, but their over all society has continued living correctly a midst an ever changing society, one that has rotted and decayed to the point of having to be done away with.

You have to be careful in quoting the Bible and taking it out of context, but I came upon a verse from Jesus in Matthew when he speaking to the disciples. Matthew 17 "O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I stay with you? How long shall I put up with you?!" I believe that last question is an important one for us to think about. How long?

Challenge: Think about your values, have they changed? Why? Is it because of peer pressure? Is it because some outside influence that does not agree with your life has advocated it?