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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 30: When You Run Your Mouth

Day 30:

At the writing of this entry, IU mens' basketball team lost at Purdue in January of 2015. I have changed greatly from my youth in that when I was younger, I would talk lots of smack before big games and after. I would love to rub it in. But what I found is that I can't take it; at all. When my team would lose in those big games and the fans of the other side would decide to dish out a little of what I had given, I would get mad easily. Part of that is because of my personality, but also because I can be a sore loser.

So I learned to keep my mouth shut and try to be honest and humble before and after my team would win. This is a completely personal thing. Maybe you can do all of the talking and not get upset when the result you predicted doesn't work out that way, but maybe you cannot. I would learn that early, but I would also be careful who you do this with. Some people are like me and do not want to be bothered after a loss by the fans of the other side, and maybe you are causing some psychological pain to that person. Who cares! Who cares? Fan is short for fanatic and some people deserve grace after a loss in a big game, so why not show them how to win with class....or not, it's up to you.

Challenge; Really, I have none today. You just need to think how you want to handle these situations and it is different for everyone.