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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 26: Don't Assume, but I Can See What You are Saying

Day 26:

You will find as you spend more time around people that you can read their body language. You can read how they hold their head, hold their hands, how they stand with you, and especially the looks on their faces. They will not have to utter a word, but you will get it.

But, don't assume. It is a hard job to do not to assume anything, but there is a fine line between being smart and being a smart alack. By assuming nothing, it sometimes can come off as blatant arrogance or blatant ignorance, it is a fine line you will walk.

So you have two choices as you interact with people; you can withdraw and have nothing to do with them or as little as possible, or you can interact, read the body language, and assume. Both choices will cause some embitterment and confusion, you have to find what is right for you. However, I do believe to love others, you have to interact, but I do understand that some days that's just not high on your agenda.

Challenge: Try, try, try not to assume too much because those assumptions can play out in your head and they very well could be wrong.