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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 21: Be Honest With Yourself

Day 21:

We are a silly type animal. We form an opinion, usually one that allows for us to be pain free and to not accept responsibility, and are hard pressed to consider it may not be completely correct. We form that opinion, dig in our heels, and refuse to see or understand any other take on what our opinion may be. And it is sad. It may not end the world as we know it, it may not stop the growth of knowledge, it may not do one single thing to society, but it harms us.

Be honest with yourself. It is okay to have a strong opinion. It is okay to dig your heels in on that opinion because it means you actually stand for something besides just saying it. But understand that anyone who disagrees might just have a point. It may be a good point and it may not be a good point, but at least listen, reflect, be honest, and think. For crying out loud, think.

I recently had a friend make a sweeping generalization of our great country all the while living in a country that was so much worse on the point they were attempting to make. I let it go, I am trying, but it blew me away that someone so intelligent could not see that the comment they were making were no where near the absolute truth they attempted it to be.

Challenge: Relax and listen more. Be willing to be flexible or able to concede that some of your points in a discussion may not be concrete, set in stone true. But, once you have done much research (don't believe it because I said so), be able to stand your ground with common sense as well as with your intellect.