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Monday, April 14, 2014

That's Not My Job

We have all done it in our lives.  We have been asked or told to do something at a place of employment and have uttered those arrogant words: "That's not my job."

I spoke with my Pastor Sunday at church and asked that if we are true followers of Jesus and strive to be good servant leaders, those words should never be uttered from our mouths.  Of course, there are some reasons when we might utter those things.  Like when someone makes a decision that you have to stand by even if you agree with the complaintant..."that's not my job" to make that decision, but it is your job to stand by it if you are a subordinate.

You might utter it if someone asks you about some job you find offensive..."that's not my job."
But if you are a true servant, there should be no job beneath you.  There should be no job outside of your job description.  There should be nothing that you would not be willing to help with if asked.

That is one of the hardest things I have faced in my spiritual growth.  I am, by nature, an extremely selfish person.  I do not like to be brought out of my comfort zone for much of anything.  And, in fact, I will probably help more with a stranger than I would with the people who I love the most.  Makes no sense, I know, but it is what I have to overcome.

Next time you want to say "Uhhh, that's not my job", remember that if you want to be a true servant leader, it is your job.  It is always your job.