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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's No Secret, Really

I once was agnostic, but now I am not. When I was agnostic, I thought I had all I needed, and I thought I was truly happy. I didn't need God or religion to have a fulfilling life. When I look back now, yes I was all of those things, but there was always something missing. I didn't know what I truly needed and I wasn't truly happy because something WAS missing.

Let me compare it to the birth of my daughter. I loved my wife, I thought she was all I needed and if we had kids then so be it. Then my daughter was born....suddenly I had an overwhelming feeling of true love. Not the love for a parent, a spouse, or a friend, but the true love of your own child. A feeling that I had never felt before. The difference was hard to put into words, but there was a change and any form of love I felt before paled in comparison for the love I have for my daughter.

It was something that I could not know until I actually experienced it. It was something that I would not fully understand until it happened to me. The same can be said for my faith. How I feel now when it comes to my relationship with Jesus Christ makes everything I felt before pale in comparison. I read the Bible differently, I listen to music differently, I listen to how people talk and interact differently and it is all something that I could not fully understand until it happened to me.

So when I listen to non believers talking, I feel that I know a secret that they don't know. I feel that I wish I could get across to them how I was like them until I came to Christ and only then did I know love and contentment. It is hard to talk to non believers because I believe they won't come to Christ until they are ready and there is little I can do other than talk to them, answer their questions and be a positive example. Former basketball coach Don Meyer says "Today I am going to teach the gospel and when necessary, I will use words." I pray for the strength to do that very thing every day.

I do know secret about the love of Christ, but it really isn't a secret, it is out there for anyone to hear, believe and follow. It is only a secret in that some refuse to listen, they refuse to I once did.