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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Be Consistent

Is that not one thing we want from every team we coach?  We want them to do the things we work on every time we play and to the best of their ability.  However, can we do that as individuals?

We cannot be consistent as people and we only have to control ourselves, so to ask that of teenagers on a team is unfair and unrealistic.  That does not mean we allow for teams to take plays off, strive for mediocrity, or just go along.  No, what it means is that we continue to strive to improve.

We see what the team is, be really good at what they are naturally good at and continue to strive to improve the areas they are not as good at.  You will be happier as a coach and you will have a more cohesive team if you play to their strengths than forcing them to do things they cannot do.  Example: A slow team cannot run, so you get really good at taking advantage of what they are good at.

I often wonder when you have better teams and better athletes; do you change your style of play or do you do what you do better?  I say do what you do better.