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Friday, February 21, 2014

Really Letting Go?

In the last month or so, I have tried my best to quit snooping out things that make me angry or, at the very least, make my blood pressure go up.  There is so much negativity that occurs to you that you don't need to search for it, especially online.

I still like to read a few things from time to time, but I am becoming more disciplined in not replying there, but coming here and letting go of my anxiety.  When it comes to Facebook, I am doing a much better job of trying to just check if I am mentioned in a posting because my info tells me or answering direction questions.  I want to keep Facebook because it is a great way to be contacted or to contact people you might not have any other info for; and it has taken a long time for me to realize you will not change someone's mind by confronting them online where they have the need to "win" in a debate that others are seeing.

I still like to read the occasional message board, I am human, I like to read the gossip and read the arguments.  It is like a car crash, you know you shouldn't look  when you drive by and you regret it afterwards, but you just can't help to look as you drive by.  But I have gotten better at not posting in debates.  I try to post only information and positive writings.

I have even stopped watching MSNBC and FOX news as much.  They aren't telling us the news, they report the news and then tell us what we should think about it.  All it does it get me agitated, so I am watching much, much less of this. 

Twitter is my last weakness in which I read a lot of postings.  Much is because there is much information on there, but I can configure my home page to things that won't get me too worked up.  Trust me, I am not finished fighting the fight, in fact, I still get worked up pretty much by the little that I do see, I am just trying to limit it.

I am borderline high blood pressure and my children do enough to elevate my agitation, so I am making a healthier, happier decision to quit looking for trouble.  Enough trouble seems to find me without trying to search it out.  I am not dropping out (I often threaten I am heading to the mountains of Montana or an island in the south Pacific), I am trying to allow others to fight the fight.  And I am getting better at allowing the "noise" around me to be unheard, better,  but not great at it.

What I want to do is be a positive voice, a voice that shows my relationship with Jesus Christ has made me a happier, better person.  I can't do that if I am angry all the time.