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Friday, February 14, 2014

Questioning Authority

I absolutely support the questioning of leadership.  It must be done to keep a healthy leader in charge, someone who doesn't run amok over those he is in charge of.  But where is the line?

Constant questioning for issues that seem small in the grand scheme of things, can only undermine that leader in the eyes he is leading.  Have we gotten to a point in this society where every single person has an opinion and believes it to be equal to all other opinions?  Yes, I believe so, and that is unfortunate because there are dumb opinions out there that undermine leadership unecessarily.

But it is the society we live in and isn't changing anytime soon and is one of the major reasons that I stepped down as a head coach.  It was wearing me and my family out too much.  Now, I am an assistant and do my best to not add to problems of the head coach and support him as much as I can.

And maybe even the ocassional friend who coaches at other schools also.