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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is it in You?

I don't bicycle, but I do compete at lots of things in my life.  To me life will either use you or you can fight until the very end...I plan to never give up.  Back to the picture, I don't bike, but I do compete and I do get this picture.  How many of us have that desire inside of us to do what this guy is doing?

I can remember as a kid when someone told me that I couldn't do something, I would not quit until I could do it.  Once, my cousin just jokingly flipped a basketball up to the top of a door that was sitting against the wall from where it was open.  The ball bounced off and then I tried.  He told me I could never do it...I tried for over an hour until I was able to finally do it.  It is just something that I believe was born in me.  However, as I aged, I did have to learn other mental toughness, I had to learn not to listen to the little voice that says "quit"

How often do we quit because it's too hard or that we just can't win because some perceived wrong has happened to us?  How often when the going gets tough, do we just stop?  Mental toughness is everything.  Physical toughness is important, but you cannot have that without being mentally tough.

Mental toughness will bring you through anything and even having you compete until the end...just like in this picture.  Never give up.