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Thursday, July 16, 2009

That Coach is Terrible.....

In my experiences, which seem to have crept up on me, when you want to complain about how bad someone is doing their job, there is probably someone doing the same to you.

First, my experiences: when did I become the oldest, most experienced coach in the system? Four years ago when I took the Varsity job, suddenly I became the old guy that all my coaches went to for did that happen?

This year I have hired a volunteer coach, Chris McKain, and coupled with the 7th grade coach I hired last year Jay Munk, I now have two older, experienced coaches in the system. Besides my mentors, I need someone who I can go to for advice.

Not that my younger coaches don't give great advice, I have been very lucky that I have such qualified younger guys.

For the complaints....I have been in the teacher's lounge enough to know that there is always someone who will be complained about. I have tried to minimize my public bitching and even try to take up for people if at all possible. I would hope that someone is doing that for me.

As a head coach, I understand that I will not make everybody happy all of the time, heck, maybe never. I do the best I can, try to do what is in the best interest of the kids and the program, and if that ends up never being good enough, I will resign and let someone try.

And when that day happens, that person can know there will be one less person in the stands complaining about the job they are doing.