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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am a Winner....right?

What is a winner? Is it that person who holds the trophy at the end of a tournament? Is it that person who wins most of their games? I would agree with both assessments, but just because you win games or championships doesn't make you a winner. I have seen some real losers in my times holding trophies at the end of the day.

Being a winner, to me, is winning and losing with class. I think the ultimate goals in athletics and I try to use in basketball are to have fun, be disciplined, and get better.

Having fun is playing with passion, appreciating the past, the now, and the future. It is about coming every day and having the correct perpective. We are doing something serious and what others would love to being doing, but it isn't a war, and it isn't dealing with cancer. Even though, I believe that athletics can help you in dealing with those two very serious events.

Being disciplined is doing what the coaches want for the team to be successful, but also as a coach allowing the players freedom to play and have fun. It is a social contract between the players and the coach in this instance. But, to me, it is also about setting a positive example off the court in your town, your school, your community.

Getting better; are you working every day seriously to get better, or are you going through the motions? Do you go through every drill with intensity? Do you show up every day trying to get better individually and as a team?

If you do those three things on a consistent my opinion you are a winner. As I have stated, I have seen many losers at the end of the day holding trophies, but I have also at the end of the day seen many winners on the sidelines....trophy less.