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Sunday, July 19, 2009

"I do"

Today, July 19th, is my 6th wedding anniversary. I thought I would take some time and write about the person who is truly the MVP of my coaching career, my wife, Kristi Hunter.

We actually started dating 8 years ago and at that point I didn't know what direction to go in when it came to coaching basketball. I entertained the idea of getting into college coaching and I was frustrated with the position I was in at my high school.

She listened and gave very little advice, but the advice she did give was strong. Whenever I was totally frustrated with a specific situation, she asked me one simple question: "Are you coaching for you, or for the boys?". And it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I chose to stay where I was. I ended up assisting a bunch of guys who were highly successful and learning from the previous head coach.

Then when I took over, we had one child, and I didn't know if it would be too much for us. My wife played on a two time sectional champion at Silver Creek High School, and she knew the amount of time it took to be successful. Plus her high school coach, Lisa Cook, had been successful and she saw from that angle what someone might do if they coached.

So, we went for it. Since then we have had a son making mine and her job even harder, but it has been worth it. She is home when I scout, practice, go to jr. high games, in the summer taking care of our kids. Teaching them to read, be respectful, and to be good people. She has done a great job.

It seems that often men marry up and I certainly did. If we were to start keeping track of who was the nicer person or who most people thought the most of, I would lose in a landslide. My wife is truly a great person, great mother, and great wife. I couldn't do all I do without her support.

I tease her that she probably wanted to break up with me when we dated, but she didn't know how, and eventually I had a ring and popped a question. She never completely denies it. :) But whatever the reason, I am a very lucky man, and have had a great marriage since the day we said "I do".