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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Narcissist: "a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish."

I know, I know.  I have this blog with my picture all over it and explaining my life and what I like to do, but you really don't have to come here do you?  Yes, I link articles to twitter, and I often think I am a bigger deal than I am (I am a nobody, trying to tell somebody, about Him). 

Anyway, I have a psychology minor, so I think about these types of things often.  I fight the pride issue, a lot.  I think leaders tend to fight these issues because they are complimented so often.  However, some elite leaders want the criticism  so that it can keep them balanced.  Even asking these questions and calling myself a leader makes me uncomfortable.  Maybe that makes me not narcissistic?

The one saving grace, I think is that in no way am I absorbed with my looks.  I mean, I want to look clean and look presentable, but I don't believe that women, or men, are lining up overwhelmed with how attractive I am.  Maybe that's the low self-esteem from my youth.  I guess you can see that when I think about, really think about it, I just might have other issues, but we all do.

I don't know.  Am I a narcissist?  Even asking the question tends to make me think that maybe I am.  So...I will continue to fight that battle also.  But do they go hand in hand with pride? 

I think so.

(Check out the video below, funny)