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Friday, March 14, 2014

2013-2014 Boys' Basketball All Mid-Southern Conference Team

Calvin McEwen       Clarksville
Bronson Kessinger  Corydon Central
Chaz Schneider        Brownstown Central
Andrew Jones          Clarksville
Christian Reed         Silver Creek
Braydon Lander       Corydon Central
Austin Snodgrass     Brownstown Central
Devin Richey           Austin
Gabe Bauer              Silver Creek
Christian Evans        Scottsburg
D.J. Coleman            Clarksville

Honorable Mention:
Tom Wiseman          Corydon Central
Cory Smith               North Harrison
Tim Wiseman           Corydon Central
Caleb Couch             Salem

Coach of the Year:
David Benter of Brownstown Central
Jason Connell of Clarksville
Jamie Kolkmeier of Corydon Central

Conference Champion:
Brownstown Central
Corydon Central