30 years coaching experience/Worked Camps/Clinics on 5 Continents

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Servant Leader

Who am I talking about? My wife.  Her to the right of this picture....yep, she has my back.

My wife has supported me in many things in our time together.  From being supportive of me taking the head coaching job, to allowing me to go to Europe twice to work camps, to allowing me to leave early in the mornings when I have things to do, to...well, you get it.  Kristi is a special person.

She is the one who is there and steps in when something needs to be done at our intramurals or keeping the book at our games.  She is the one who cooks for the team or puts together fundraisers for the basketball team or FCA.

My wife is the one who listens to criticisms and quietly keeps them to herself unless she thinks I need to hear about it.  She is the one who watches me take arrows from many different directions sometimes and when I am ready to give up she reminds me why I do what I do.  She watches how much effort we put into the game and then watches and listens to the lack of appreciation by some.  She is the one that when good times come (and there are many) she stays in the background and sometimes because she is so busy doing something for us, doesn't even know we won a game (yes, that actually happened.  We won our own tourney two years ago and she was working and cleaning up in the concession stand when the game ended.  We all went out to eat a couple hours later and we were talking about it was crazy that we won and she asked "we won?!")

But more importantly, she is the one who is raising our children more than I am.  She is the one who drops them off at the babysitter.  She is the one who usually picks them up.  She is the one who has to put them to bed most often.  She is the one who has to discipline and love them too often more than I.  She is the one explaining to them where Daddy is and why he is there (during the off months, not as much).  She is the one who when I come up with a "great idea" backs it up until I run myself ragged and figure it out myself.

She is also the one who was a quiet, patient Christian until her stubborn, know it all husband came around and figured it out.  She is the one that I have to worry zero about drama in our lives.  She is one of the 3 people that I do everything make her proud and to do what we both know our purpose is here on this earth. 

I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her because I could do none of this without her.  Well, I guess I could, but it wouldn't be in as happy or fulfilling life that I have now and would probably make her miserable and unfulfilled.  If you want to talk about servant leadership, I know no one who gives more of herself for others than my wife, Kristi Hunter.