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Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Increase Interest in Your Program to the Players

What we do:
1. Have two camps per year.
2. Send Holiday and Birthday cards to any camper that comes until they are in HS and don't play.
3. Give out many different kinds of prizes to kids during camps.
4. Started a team camp out for HS teams.
5. We have a facebook, website and I use twitter and this blog to spread interest.
6. We go to colleges during the summer for tournaments.
7. We focus on offense in the summer and defense during the season.
8. We throw in other Indiana basketball type trips while away at colleges.
9. We play in two tournaments, a conference and post season tournament.
10. We feed the kids and have them over to our house during the season.
11.  I have gotten involved with the Indiana basketball Hall of Fame to give us better chances to use the facility for trips.
12. I have taken foreign trips gaining connections for our guys in college and possibly pro spots in Europe.

We do all of these things and teach the game of basketball in a tough way during the season.  Yet, I find that the number of players wanting to play dwindles every year here.  Is it only here at my school?  Is it everywhere?  We cannot put together a pure freshman basketball team, it is now a "C" team and have a JV and varsity.  I am afraid each season that enough players will opt out of playing "Indiana's game" enough that we will be down to a bare bones roster.  This all coming while jumping up in class to 2A with more students.

Email me with your thoughts if you have any.  I will probably use any responses I get, but will NOT use names with them in a future blog.