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Thursday, December 19, 2013

You're Only as Good as Your Last National Championship

There are certain men's college basketball programs that seem to never be happy with their current college coach.  When that team loses, the sky is falling, and it is only early December.  Many fans believe that the answer to the question is a new coach, one who can win championships.  The problem with that is that there are only 11 current head coaches at the men's level who have won a national championship.

I will list those guys and see which one who would actually leave their current program to go take another job at another university and I think you will find that it isn't likely.

John Calipari, he is not leaving UK for another college program.

Rick Pitino, he is not leaving U of L for another college program at this time and close to retirement.

Bill Self, I just can't see him leaving Kansas for another college program.

Tom Izzo, he is Michigan State.  He's not leaving unless something happens.

Jim Boeheim, he isn't leaving Syracuse and is real close to retirment.

Coach K, you think he's leaving Duke for another college job?

Larry Brown, I read somewhere that he is the king of the 3 year contract.  You want long term, he isn't your guy.

Roy Williams, he is not leaving North Carolina for another college job and is close to retirment.

Tubby Smith, great guy, good coach...I just don't think he would get many fans excited at top programs.

Steve Fisher, another great guy, but his national championship with Michigan in 1989 is one of the great stories.  He would not bring excitement to many top programs.

Billy Donovan, he is the only guy who has won a championship that could be hired and excite a top program.  However, after his flirtation with the NBA, realize he had it good at Florida and staying there, I don't see him leaving.  And if he does, it would have to be an elite program, one that he wouldn't have to build, but that is already in the national championship talk each season.

I think it's important to realize what you have when you have it.  There are great coaches like Tom Crean, Bo Ryan, Thad Matta, Sean Miller, John Groce, Shaka Smart, and Brad Stevens, etc who have never won it all.

Many on this list of non-winning coaches will be on the above list of successful championshp coaches before their careers end, and then they might get the proper respect they deserve now.