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Monday, December 2, 2013


Last Tuesday at YFCA (Youth For Christ/ Fellowship of Christian Athletes), after a small devotional, I asked the students who were there if any of them had not been baptized.  Shelby Basham raised her hand and that started a conversation that ended with me baptizing her the following Sunday.

She had concerns that she was not ready to take the plunge, so to speak.  She didn't feel that she was good enough.  My response was no one ever is and that I could see that she had been growing in her faith the last few months.  I could tell by her attendance at YFCA and in some of the postings online of scripture and he reliance more and more on God.  I realized that she had been going through some rough times (I don't know all of the details, it's not important nor my business) and had grown quite a bit.

Many people in her life had gotten her to the point of baptism, but after our conversation, I told her I wanted to be present when her baptism occurred.  I thought it would take a few weeks for her to get things settled and to make the final decision, but I offered our church and offered the services of our pastor.  Her response shocked me and scared me at the same time.  She claimed that it would make her most comfortable if I was the one who did the baptizing...and it was an honor.

I am sure it was just as equally shocking to her mom and dad who I have known much of my entire life.  Meaning, they have known me too and realize that I am in no way "good enough" to be doing this type of thing.  But as an ordained Deacon I was as qualified as you can be, I guess.

During the baptism, I actually stopped and was choked up a bit.  To me, this is a highly important decision to make and to do.  For me to be the one who did it...I still feel inadequate, but wonderful to have been a small part of it.