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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Best

I am a picky eater, but I know what I like.  What's this post about?  Nothing really.  What's the picture have to do above with the post?  Nothing really.

Best pizza:  Mama Rosa's in Salem, IN, close second is Goodfella's in Henryville, IN
Best coca-cola: Tumbleweed in New Albany, IN on Charlestown Rd.
Best queso:  Same as above.
Best Big Red: Taco Bell in Sellersburg, IN
Best garlic bread: Spaghetti Shop in New Albany, IN on Charlestown Rd.
Best mashed potatoes and gravy: Any Kentucky Fried Chicken
Best hamburger: Steak N Shake or W. W. Cousins
Best dessert: Big Boy's hot fudge cake
Best french fries: McDonald's or Steak N Shake
Best bacon: Budroe's Bus Stop in Henryville, IN
Best biscuits: McDonald's
Best breakfast food: Chick Fil A's breakfast littles or McDonald's Sausage McGriddle
Best rolls and cinnamon butter: Texas Roadhouse
Best spaghetti sauce: wife makes the best spaghetti.
Best chicken sandwich: Some little restaurant in Zlatibor, Serbia
Best chicken tenders: Some little restaurant in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia
Best baked potato: W.W. Cousin's
Best turkey sandwich: McAllister's on a croissant bun
Best roast beef: Arby's in Memphis, IN only
Best donuts: Lon's in Scottburg, IN
Best french toast: Cracker Barrel

Yea, so maybe I eat out too much, at least I know what I like and I am sure I will add to this post as other things come to my mind.