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Monday, March 13, 2017

To Forgive or Not To Forgive

If you are a believer of Jesus, then you consider yourself a Christian.

By doing so, you have to believe that Jesus was God, came to earth and was crucified for our transgressions.

You believe that Jesus died for your sins.

You believe that Jesus died for our sins.

You believe that Jesus died for all of our sins.

He died for our lies.

Our thefts.

Our murders.

Our gossip.

Our bad thoughts.

For those who have done heinous crimes like genocide, molestation, rape, and ever other single evil and most vile sins.

Just repent.

You must ask for forgiveness and it will be done.

Then how can we not show that same grace, that same forgiveness (not acceptance or even regaining a friendship) or much smaller transgressions done to us?

We can't not.

We must forgive.

If not, we are struggling in living the life that Jesus did.

And that's what we're striving for.