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Thursday, April 14, 2016

It Won't Happen to Me

I live in a nice little world where, if I choose, I do not have to actually see many problems.

If I watch the news, I see it.

I teach high school, so occasionally, I am forced to actually see some problems, but we can usually think how terrible, smile and move on.

But drugs have become a scourge on American society.

I know they were a problem in the 1980's when I was a kid, but hard drugs have become more widespread due to their cheap cost.

How is this happening?

When the person who is addicted decided to medicate for whatever reason (fun, hate their life), they began on a spiral that led to their lowest points.

And I bet I am close when almost 100% of the addicts started out thinking and believing, "it won't happen to me".

Yet, here they are.

And younger generations seeing what has happened have still not learned that it can happen to you and maybe will.

I have been involved with education for 25 years and I have seen numerous stories of former students and players who have been addicted to drugs, are addicted to drugs and have spent time in prison due to their addiction and habits.

What can I do to help?

The more we say "drugs are bad, ok?", the more kids laugh at us because, you know, it will never happen to them.

Yet, their worlds are surrounded by people who once believed that and have found out the harsh truth.

Say "No!" to drugs...and alcohol until you are mature enough to make more informed, less emotional decisions.