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Monday, April 14, 2014

You Need a New Coach?

If I were going to hire a basketball coach, here are some of the things I would look for.

1. Passion-Does this person have a passion for the job?  By researching, you can find out if that is a consistent thing or something just for the interview.

2. Reputation- I would contact or have other people contact more than just those individuals on a resume to see what the true reputation of a person is.  In dealing with reputation, it would be on the court, but off the court also.  What have they done in their past job?  Were they cooperative?

3. Basketball knowledge-Do they know what they are talking about?  Nothing against some playing styles, but dependent on what school I was coaching at would tell me if a person was right for the job or not.  You can't press and run at a school with little competition or depth.

4. Effective communication skills-This goes along with #2, but today's coaches need to win, but also be able to communicate to students, athletes, basketball campers, administration, teachers, and parents.  You will be the face of that basketball program and many instances, the face of the school.

5. I would use every resource I had at my fingertips.  From looking online for things, to using the people in my building who may  know people from the past communities, to the resume.

Hiring a basketball coach in Indiana can be a tough job.  You can hire from within a school and go with an entity you already know, or you can hire from outside not knowing fully what you are getting until the summer or school year gets started.

I know that if I were going to be held accountable for my hire, I would try to cover as many bases as possible. 

Doing this type of thing and having to fire coaches are many reasons that I would never want to be an Athletic Director.  But I do like to write.