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Monday, April 28, 2014

It Takes Time

We spent the better part of two days in Paoli watching our daughter play in a travel softball tournament this weekend.  This group of girls played together last year in all stars and were pretty good.  The previous year they had lost in all stars in the machine pitch division and with a year of experience, they were better.

Now they are playing at the kid pitch level and are the youngest again.  They struggled, but showed some potential this weekend, but it will take time.  Every couple of years as kids develop, they go from being the youngest which causes them to struggle, to the oldest which helps with their success.

The problem is that we often compare that first year up with the previous year of success and that is not fair to the girls.  It will take time.  They will improve this year, and next year they will be able to build on whatever success they have.  In the meantime, we should sit back and enjoy this time with them because there will be a day when we will miss it after they are grown and gone.