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Friday, July 28, 2017

How to Use Social Media if You Really Don't Care About People

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1. When emotional, ALWAYS post immediately, do NOT take time to calm down.

2. If you have a problem with a group or person, POST the problem or question before contacting them. That way other people who are less informed than you can post their opinions, too.

3. Post, Re-tweet, etc any article that agrees with your viewpoint before checking on its authenticity. Then make sure after it gets tons of comments and likes and you find out it was wrong, just delete, don't apologize or post a "fix".

4. Comment on any post that emotionally gets you charged up (see 1) before you know any of the facts or even the other side of the story.

5. Use it to manipulate people and situations before ever attempting to do it as a responsible person by doing so face to face.

6. Assume everything you read on social media to be the truth, especially from people you like and generally agree with.

7. Make sure to bend the truth or use stats to justify your belief system.

8. If you really want to stir the pot, make anonymous posts so that you can say and do anything without accountability.

9. Be as snarky and rude as possible.

10. Depersonalize every situation that you read so that you can forget how you would feel if someone used social media in a similar way towards you or someone you cared about.

Lastly, I guess you can write a blog entry and sort of "subtweet" everyone, but let me tell you, I've been guilty of many of these things, I just haven't always posted.

Type, type, type....back space, back space, back space.