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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Under the Radar No More

(picture from News and Tribune Sports)
A couple years ago, I wrote an article about a friend of mine at a local high school you can find it HERE.

Coach Jon May at New Washington H.S. hadn't had the kind of success that he deserved compared to the amount of time that he and his staff had put in. I mean, they scout you to the point your guys can't take a step without them calling it out.

Nothing against NW, but the talent level hadn't been to a competitive level for their class during his tenure and even the two previous coaches. I had heard some negatives (they exist when you coach) about him and some wondering out loud if they should go in a different direction which motivated me to write that article. It appeared in our local paper as I was writing weekly for them at the time.

My biggest argument was when he had talent that was equitable, he would show what he could really do.

And man oh man has he done that.

This group of seniors that he has playing for him this year have won their first sectional and regional titles in sixteen years. To watch them play is truly watching an extension of the coaching staff and Coach May.

All of the things he has taught them, they are believing, doing and executing. There is no perceived issue among any of the players or between the players and staff. He has his team currently playing in a way where he can sit and enjoy because they are playing at a high level. He has done all of the hard work, they have listened, and they are executing.

This weekend they play in the semi-state, one game from the state finals and whether they win or not will not change my opinion about Coach May.

I said it before and I will say it now.

I would have zero hesitation allowing my children to play for him because he knows what he is doing basketball wise and because he is a class act human being.

Jim Matthews used to say that winning championships justifies what you're doing as a coach and Coach May has finally gotten that justification.

The great thing is that he didn't need them to justify anything, and despite overwhelming support from many in his hometown, maybe now some of the naysayers will realize how lucky they are to have him representing their town and school.