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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The General...

Growing up it did not get much bigger than Bob Knight in Indiana.

Coach Knight created at IU a basketball program that was in the top, the elite of basketball programs. He won 3 national championships while at IU and a lot of basketball games.

He created a cult of personality in which IU fans were not only radical about our team, but also Coach Knight. That allowed for him to win many games, build a nice resume and get away with many things that he might not have gotten away elsewhere.

I loved Coach Knight as a kid, I've read all the books.

And when he was fired, I was outraged. I was saddened, but I often wondered if it weren't time for him to go. However, how it all went down and what happened to him was wrong. I can guarantee it would cause bitterness on him, but if I personalize, it would me, too.

But now we are almost 16 years from the firing of Coach Knight by IU President Myles Brand over him grabbing a student while in a zero tolerance zone. Probably something he shouldn't have agreed to, but he did, he violated it and was let go.

It was a bad time for IU and Coach Knight fans.

But it's been 16 years.

Since that time every single person who was involved with his firing has left IU.

Since that time the university has reached out multiple times to have him back and he has rejected them.

Since that time, he has signed numerous books and spoken numerous times throughout the state making contact with the people he claims to love; the IU basketball fans.

Since that time, he has returned, in a gold sweater, to speak at Purdue function.

And since that time, he returned, in a red sweater, to speak to endorse Donald Trump for President.

Personally, I don't understand it and I don't get it.

It's been 16 years Coach, the horse is dead and come back and recognize the fact that you are still beloved by many IU fans.

What Coach Knight hasn't done in these 16 years is allow for those who were wounded with his firing to heal.

He doesn't owe anyone that opportunity, but it might help him heal also.