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Friday, November 6, 2015

Take Off the Mask

I write about different things here. Some basketball or sports related and others just life related.

I have had positive feedback on both which wasn't my point in the first place starting this 6 years ago. It was a place to write and it made me feel better with much of the stress that I happened to face at that time.

But there are some who have made derogatory comments mostly subtle, but comments often said with a grin. I know where they come from. Some of these people are quiet people and would never share their thoughts or life publicly, so to them this is a dumb idea.

For others, it is that they haven't allowed themselves to admit or maybe even think about some of the things I write about.

Because to them, to admit or even to consider they may not have it all together all the time is somehow a sign of weakness.

I get it.

I understand how society works, maybe that's why we have so many people medicated, violent and unhappy. They have never been given the green light by mom or dad or a spouse to open their minds or better yet, to open their mouths.

To open your mouth and to show your fears or anxiety isn't a bad thing unless it becomes an every day all the time thing. Then it probably shows that you need more help than just typing in a blog.

Find someone that you can talk to. Find someone you don't have to wear your worldly mask to.

Find someone you can be real with.

Or don't.

It's up to you.