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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

He Gone...Too Soon

I am not a happy camper that IU senior Will Sheehey is graduating and leaving the IU program soon.  Will is the epitome of competitor and pride when competing at the D1 basketball level.  Has he always acted with class?  Nope.  But that sometimes happens when you are competing.  And competing isn't for wimps.

Will was one of the players along with Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller, Christian Watford, and Jordan Hulls who through their efforts and intensity brought the IU program back to national relevance.  He came to IU at a time when it wasn't cool, and the future was much brighter than the present.

This season hasn't been as "fun" for him as I think he hoped for.  But often when losing so many players from a previous season, there is a struggle that occurs.  That struggle occurs because the teams is different and also, for Will, his role as 6th man changed.  He's struggled with it, but seems to be coming to grips with it just in time for the post season.  My wish is that IU gets to the NCAA tournament, but if not, that they compete and win the NIT.

My hope is that Will has a successful pro career wherever he ends up and that he remembers IU.  If I could get my son to play like Will, or our team, we would at least be competitive in every game.  And if not, well, you'd have to beat us to earn it.

The great thing about 4 year players is that you get to know them and you invest your emotions and time with them as a fan.  I've done that with Sheehey and I will miss him.

Click long Will.