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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Whoa is Me! #1stWorldProblems

My natural inclination is to be a sarcastic, snarky, elitist, "you're stupid" type of person when encountering social media garbage.

When Facebook started, I shared everything and I felt the need to let everyone know what I thought about their opinions. Then I realized how stupid that was and it did nothing for me and my mental state. All I did was get into arguments that could never be won that would go on and on.

I started unfollowing people and it has worked, but the occasional comment or post shows up and I lose my mind.

So I have seriously considered deleting it all together.

Why do I feel the need to get involved with every single argument I read?

Why do I feel the need to get involved with every single comment whether I agree with it or not?

Why does every post have to turn into a political stance?

I'm not the social media police, but neither are you and I have my share of "accountability" partners online. You know those that respond to your stuff, it's almost like they your posts sent to their notifications.

And when they do, it's sarcastic, snarky, and elitist and it just kills me not to respond, yet I am learning to do so.

I can guarantee you that if you have a worldview, belief, opinion, you will not sway anyone by coming off as if they are ignorant, it just won't win you supporters.

If I weren't friends with so many people I have met through the years in foreign countries, I would do it, I would get rid of it completely.

I am stuck, but I have gotten it off my phone and it felt great.


If I delete it all together, I very well could miss an opportunity for me or my family, so I will continue to be in misery, but I'm trying to not allow it to bother me.