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Friday, August 28, 2015

What is Leading?

Some people are natural born leaders. You can see it when groups of little kids are playing or running around. They are the ones who are deciding what will be done and then who will do what. They're the ones choosing sides and deciding what sport will be played. There are those who try to do that, but no one likes them or follows. And if they do listen and follow, they're not happy about it.

Then there are those who can learn to lead. Not everyone can learn to do this. But, everyone can find out what type of leader they will be. Again, if no one is following or is happy about how you lead, then rethink what you do.

What I've found is that people will follow you if you are willing to do what they all do. You must be willing to get dirty, you must be willing to "lower" yourself to do every job that the lowliest to the highest job there is and to do it well without complaining.

People will respect and follow that more than they will the dictator today. It's our society where everyone with an opinion believes they are equal to the person in charge. They want authenticity. They want to feel that you understand them and if you do, they will follow.

Sure, there will be some who won't. In fact, they want to be leaders so bad they cannot stand that when they try to lead, they're only out on a walk because no one follows. Not everyone can be a leader, but you can be the best follower possible.

Or you can cause problems.

The choice is yours.