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Friday, August 21, 2015

There's Nothing Quite Like Being a Parent


I tend to be honest. At least to the point that I won't get punched in the face. But I am as honest as can be with "new waiting to have a child" parents.

They're the ones who are pregnant and months away from birth and everyone tells them (ok, mostly women) how wonderful it's going to be and how much fun, etc., etc. And I don't disagree, being a parent can be amazing. CAN be amazing.

It's almost as if these people forget about the late, sleep deprived, kid won't stop crying, has some type of rash, sleeping on the bathroom floor while the hot shower runs for croup (you'll figure it out sooner than later), they won't sleep longer than 30 minutes at a time, they want to sleep with you nights.

They seem to forget the late nights and the early mornings. They seem to forget the won't eat days and the lock the cabinets because they snack and don't want to eat real food. They seem to forget those times when you want to throw them against the wall (it's okay to think it, it is NEVER okay to do it).

They seem to forget so much.

But maybe it's because the good far outweighs the bad. Maybe it's because the hug of your own child feels better than anything you could actually put into or onto your body. Maybe it's because the "I love you" from your child is the sweetest sound ever. Maybe it's because when they accomplish something new you get more fulfillment than from anything you've ever done.

Maybe it's because being a parent is the greatest gift you can receive from God.

Just maybe.

Or maybe they just want to lull you into a position of security so you can be shocked into reality like the rest of us.

I would never change what I've gone through with my kiddos. I know I have messed up, I just hope it hasn't been that bad and that I can always apologize when it happens.

As bad as they can be is one of those days where I just want to hold onto them and keep them forever young because the days is fast approaching where they will be grown and moving out.

Too fast approaching...